Free Echoexplore Download

Echoexplore is a spatial catalog that finds compatible echosounder and sonar data files on your computer, extracts basic information, and allows you to browse the data that has been located.

Version 1 is free and can locate up to 2000 data files on your local computer. Future editions of Echoexplore will include additional features in free and licensed versions, such as unlimited file numbers, support for more formats, and even more tools for exploring data. We’ll be encouraging the submission of ideas for new features in this useful tool.

For assistance with Echoexplore please contact Echoview Support.

Current release:

Echoexplore version 1.0.45, updated 16th August 2018 (17 MB)

Note: The first time you run Echoexplore you will be asked to provide your contact details to activate the software