Echosounder data processing using Echoview: An Echoview training course will provide you with the skills to understand your single-beam and/or multibeam echosounder data, and to process it efficiently using Echoview. Courses are offered globally and are tailored to best suit your level of experience and particular learning requirements. They are classroom based and run by one or more of our skilled and experienced Echoview staff trainers.

For course details, including pricing, please download our training brochure.

Scheduled Courses

Hobart, Tasmania

2 October - 6 October 2017 | These dates are option 1 of 3 – please indicate your preferred date option as detailed below.

  • Trainer: Dr. Toby Jarvis
  • Status: We’re looking at 3 possible dates – 02-06 Oct 2017, 15-19 Jan 2018 or 12-16 Feb 2018 – please indicate your order of preference, and any additional notes, when you submit your interest (via the “Register Now” link below).
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Meet us at the following events:

AFS - American Fisheries Society Annual Meeting

  • 20 August - 24 August 2017
  • Tampa, Florida
  • The 147th Annual Meeting of AFS has the theme of Fisheries Ecosystems: Uplands to Oceans, and will have a wide range of sessions that span interdisciplinary research and management approaches to improve aquatic resources.

JSFS - Japanese Society of Fisheries Science Symposium

  • 22 September - 24 September 2017
  • University of Marine Science and Technology, Shinagawa, Tokyo
  • The JSFS will hold an international symposium on “Fisheries Science for the Future Generations”. This symposium will also commemorate the 85th anniversary of the JSFS. One of the main purposes of this symposium is to discuss the ideal vision for future research on fisheries science together with young researchers from all over the world.

GCFI - Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Institute

  • 6 November - 10 November 2017
  • Merida, Mexico
  • The 70th Annual conference of the GCFI will be held in Merida, Mexico, at The Hyatt Regency Merida Hotel. The conference will focus on applying fisheries and marine science to solve problems by bringing multiple users of ocean resources together to make informed and coordinated decisions for sustainable use of these resources. Addressing the issues of connectivity, fisheries management, conservation, and related issues at GCFI will aid in addressing critical marine resource issues within the Wider Caribbean Region.

AFAS - Asian Fisheries Acoustics Society

  • 13 November - 15 November 2017
  • Guangzhou, China
  • The AFAS has successfully organized ten annual meetings, "The International Conference on Underwater Acoustics for Sustainable Fisheries in Asia”. These conferences have effectively promoted the dissemination and development of fisheries acoustics in Asia.