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Echoview Software brings together a team of scientists, software engineers and specialists to provide software, documentation and training to the hydroacoustics community. We are inspired by being “programmers to the fisheries acoustics community” and contributing to fisheries sustainability aiming to make hydroacoustics more assessable.


Echoview is sold via a USB dongle. One dongle is supplied per Echoview license. Echoview's licensing offers access to a wide range of functionality via different modules, giving you the flexibility to only license what you need and to add more capability later if required.

More information about our modules can be found in the Echoview Overview. For any questions about our licensing, please contact

Maintenance & Support

An up-to-date Maintenance and Technical Support (MATS) subscription provides you with instant access to the very latest Echoview version plus priority access to our experienced technical support team. We consider our technical support to be an integral part of the Echoview product, and pride ourselves on delivering an outstanding service to each and every one of our clients.

For more information about our MATS offerings, follow this link.

To purchase a Maintenance and Technical Support (MATS) subscription or to see if your subscription is up-to-date talk to our sales team today.

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For other Echoview support materials such as tutorials, case studies, training manuals and downloads head to our Technical Support area.


Echoview Software has a team of experienced professionals able to assist you with your hydroacoustic data processing or fisheries project.

Echoview also offers the option of sponsored software development. If you require a specific new feature in the software, help with automation, or support for a new type of data, we can negotiate a fee for the development costs to provide you with the required capability in a specified time frame.


Echoview temporal leases are available to clients undertaking short-term projects, consulting jobs or requiring access to an Echoview license for short periods of time.