Vacancies for Science Technology Officer and Marine Technician at OceanX

27 May 2020

OceanX is a mission to explore the unseen ocean, map uncharted areas of the world, observe rare deep-sea creatures, pursue scientific and medical breakthroughs, and then bring all of these wonders back to the wider world through cutting-edge media. OceanX is currently seeking applicants for roles that include the operation and maintenance of Kongsberg, Simrad and Knudsen hydroacoustic systems.

The function of the Science Technology Officer role is to install, maintain, integrate and operate the science, networking, audio/visual and satellite communications equipment onboard research vessels, to act as the liaison to science parties and to provide support to supernumeraries. The Marine Technician is responsible for operation of science equipment onboard, including both deployable science equipment, hull-mounted acoustic equipment, and lab equipment. In addition, the marine technician is expected to support research objectives for guest scientists in coordination with the Science and Technical Officer. This is a contract rotational supernumerary position that is expected to be at sea up to 180 days per year.

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