Use the Command interface in Echoview 10 to access any variable property via scripting

27 June 2019

The Command interface is a new and alternative way to control Echoview, with Echoview 10 including the ability to read and edit variable properties. It uses simple, string-based syntax to identify variables and specify actions, with a flat structure and filtering that allows for efficient use. The Command interface has access to every property for every variable in an EV file, which is an advantage over traditional COM scripting that only has access to a subset of variable properties. 

The Command interface can be incorporated into new or existing COM scripts to change the value of settings that couldn't previously be changed using scripting.

See our Example Scripts page for a demonstration of how to combine COM and the Command interface in a single script in EV script 016 - Combine COM and command interface to change variable properties.vbs

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