Tips and tricks: Overview, drill down and drive through your data

20 June 2016

Echoview’s buttons, mouse support, keyboard shortcuts and shortcut menu items are all designed to speed up your navigation and increase your data processing proficiency.

Here are a couple of features that can quickly get you around Echoview:

  • Use Zoom to Extents to view the entire width of your echogram in one window.
  • Assess fine detail by using the mouse wheel to quickly zoom in and out.
  • Press CRTL+RIGHT ARROW to scroll right one echogram screen at a time. Press CTRL+LEFT ARROW to move left in the same way.
  • Press A to synchronize other echogram windows to your active window.
  • Pan within the echogram window using the mouse or by holding down the space bar

Panning within the echogram

The top window shows the default view for a single beam Sv echogram. In this standard view, Echoview will show one ping per vertical column of pixels, and this example shows pings 0-657 out of a total of 7905. To see beyond ping 657 at this zoom level you must scroll to the right.

The bottom window shows the same data after zooming to extents. The echogram window title includes [12:1], which means that every 12th ping is displayed so that the entire width of the echogram can fit in the window.

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