Postdoctoral Research position available

31 July 2017

The Marine Ecology and Acoustics Laboratory at Florida International University is seeking a postdoctoral research associate to develop and evaluate signal processing applications of wideband/broadband acoustic methods for ecosystem assessments in the Southeast US Atlantic coast and Gulf of Mexico.

This project focuses on building upon the extensive research to date on species classification using multi-frequency and broadband sonars, and will examine whether species classification in high-diversity reef ecosystems in NMFS jurisdictions is feasible using next generation broadband echosounders. The project will focus on three interrelated objectives:

1) Theoretical modeling of acoustic target strengths of ecologically and commercially important reef fish and other federally managed species;

2) Evaluating broadband pulse characteristics that would optimize classification of species, resolve individuals in groups, and discern targets close to boundaries (seafloor); and

3) Collecting in-situ acoustic and optical data on opportunistic research cruises in species rich reefs systems of the Atlantic coast of the US, Gulf of Mexico and US Caribbean. The successful candidate will work closely with scientists at FIU, NOAA’s National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science and National Marine Fisheries Service as well as collaborators at Christian Michelsen Research AS in Norway. 

The successful candidate should have expertise in acoustic research within marine ecosystems. Demonstration of strong analytical skills and familiarity with acoustical signal processing and proficiency in scientific programming languages (Python, R, MATLAB) is expected.

To apply: Submit a current CV and letter of interest to Drs. Kevin Boswell (, Chris Taylor (, Charles Thompson ( or Geir Pedersen (

Applications are being reviewed for immediate employment. Salary commensurate with experience, starting at $50,000 per year plus benefits.

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