Updates for Simrad EK80 file format support

28 July 2017

Echoview 8.0.91 was recently made available in the Echoview Software Updater and as a download on our website, and contains a number of important updates for recent data files logged by the Simrad EK80 WBT, WBAT, ES80 and related products.

  • Data collected using downsweep (linear decreasing chirp) is now supported and correctly interpreted.
  • The transceiver impedance value stored in data files is now being read and used for calibration and calculation of sample values. The value read from the data file can be overridden by using the new setting TransceiverImpedance in an ECS file.

If you are processing EK80 data, please update to the latest version of Echoview 8 at your earliest convenience. Calculations in older versions of Echoview will be incorrect for files that were either recorded using downsweep or with an impedance value other than 1000.

Further changes to EK80 CW and/or FM mode calculations are possible, and so we continue to recommend that data from this new technology is used with this understanding. See the release notes available via the Echoview Software Updater for more information on other changes, or additional changes made since this news post was published.

Please contact Echoview Support with any questions.

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