Coming soon in Echoview 12: graphs in the Calibration Assistant

9 December 2020

Do you want to improve your calibration approach?

Echoview 12 will bring a suite of new features in one of our most exciting recent additions - the Calibration Assistant, our tool that helps you to easily calculate calibration parameters from echosounder data.

One of the new features is a contour plot for beam pattern. As described in the ICES CRR No. 326: The Calibration of Acoustic Instruments (p.46), a properly-functioning transducer should show a symmetric, undistorted beam pattern. Echoview 12 makes this easy to visualize!

Contour plot for calibrated targets in Echoview’s Calibration Assistant.

Several other graphs have also been built into the Calibration Assistant – they can be spotted in the graph options in the above screenshot. While most of these options have been available as graphs in Echoview for many versions, we’ve incorporated them into the Calibration Assistant to make it easy to see and interact with sphere data as part of the calibration process.

Stay tuned for previews of other additions to the Calibration Assistant, and other new features coming in Echoview 12.

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