Links of the month: the catch-up edition (part 1)

13 April 2018

We haven't posted links of the month for a while, but in recent months there have been a great variety of interesting papers that included Echoview in their research, so we’ll catch up across two posts.

Firstly, we’d like to focus on the following paper, of which Echoview’s Toby Jarvis was co-author:

Detection and characterisation of deep-sea benthopelagic animals from an autonomous underwater vehicle with a multibeam echosounder: A proof of concept and description of data-processing methods

This project used a RESON SeaBat 7125 mounted on an AUV to examine fish and squid targets at 850 m depth in Monterey Bay, California, and includes detailed information on multibeam data processing in Echoview.

Continuing our Links of the Month series, here’s part 1 of the recent publications by our valued Echoview users:

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