Important Echoview 8 update for Simrad EK80 users

16 January 2018

An updated version of Echoview 8 is now available that contains an important correction for users processing Simrad EK80 data collected with specific transducers. If you are processing EK80 data, please update to the latest version of Echoview 8 at your earliest convenience.

Echoview was incorrectly calculating power for Simrad EK80 CW and FM data collected using the following transducer models:

  • ES38-10
  • ES38-18/200-18C
  • Split beam versions of the DK transducers (ES38-18DK-Split, ES200-7CDK-Split, ES333-7CDK-Split)
  • All single beam transducers with only one channel

As a result of this calculation error, the data values for power samples were 6 dB too high for data recorded by the single beam transducers and 1.2 dB for data recorded by the split beam transducers listed above. This error has now been corrected in Echoview version 8.0.104, and we recommend that any analyses that have been performed using Echoview 8.0.103 or older using data from these transducers are re-processed for correct results.

Data from EK80 split beam transducers with 4 channels are not affected by this issue.

Further changes for EK80 CW and/or FM calculations are possible, so we continue to recommend that data from this recent technology be analyzed with this understanding.

Please review the release notes available via the Echoview Software Updater for information on other recent improvements in Echoview 8.

Please contact Echoview Support if you have any questions.

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