Get the power of Echoview 11! New release now available

21 April 2020

Echoview Software is committed to improving your hydroacoustic data processing capabilities and efficiency, and the features we have added to this latest release have been designed to simplify your workflow and significantly improve your processing speed.

Echoview 11 is now available to all license holders with an up-to-date Maintenance and Technical Support (MATS) subscription. To find out if your MATS subscription is current, please contact

Release highlights:

  • A major boost in performance across many processor and time-intensive tasks
  • The Calibration Assistant, a tool for calculating sphere calibration results
  • Sound speed profile correction for Simrad EK60 and EK80 narrowband data
  • New distance mode options for single beam school detection
  • Live viewing support for BioSonics, Sound Metrics and some Kongsberg file formats
  • New color schemes (Inferno, Magma, Plasma and Viridis) for better visualization of continuous scalar data
    New plasma color scheme for echograms in Echoview   New magma color scheme for echograms in Echoview
  • Support for more Variable Properties that can be changed on multiple echograms at once
  • Custom grid line colors and label sizes
  • New graphs for single targets
  • Command Interface access to EV File Properties
  • Improved operand selection and exclusion line lists

...and more!

An introduction to the new features in Echoview 11 can be read on our latest release page, and the complete list is fully detailed in the Echoview help file.

Echoview 11 can be downloaded from our website or, if you have a previous version of Echoview already installed, the new version can be accessed by starting Echoview, going to the Help menu and then clicking Check For Updates.

A live webinar demonstrating the new features in Echoview 11 will be announced soon.

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