Echoview's Formula operator

23 March 2015

The Formula operator provides a way to apply mathematical and logical expressions to your echosounder and sonar data.

Use it:

  • When you can’t construct your desired algorithm from our extensive range of operators
  • As a way to collapse complex multi-operator dataflows into a single operator for simplicity

How does it work?

Construct your expressions by piecing together the required Elements in the Formula Editor window.

The Formula Editor window is where you construct your expression for processing your echosounder and sonar data. Simply drag the required Elements from the list and insert them at the desired place in your expression. Data can be sourced from one or more variables (V1, V2 etc.) and considered in terms of samples (s), pings (p) and beams (b, for multibeam data)

To find out more about the Formula Editor check out the following links, or drop us a line at

Want to contribute to the development of Echoview?

The community needs your input! Let us know about your algorithm that you proved up using the Formula operator and we can look to turn it into a standalone operator.

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