Echoview Software - 25 years of Sound Knowledge

5 June 2020

June 5 marks Echoview Software’s 25th anniversary, a significant milestone on our remarkable journey of discovery.

Echoview Software was formed as a company to address a glaring need for accurate, reliable data processing software in the fast-expanding field of scientific hydroacoustics.

In the early days, the research community was faced with hydroacoustic data in hard-copy form:

Solutions were explored looking at both digital data capture and digital data processing. The processing of data and the ability to perform meaningful analysis became the catalyst for exciting ideas - and for the scientific community to get behind Echoview Software.

Echoview was initially distributed for Windows 95 – using 486 and early model Pentium computers. During the 90s, hardware was quickly developing in response to gaming and visualization requirements. Great timing for visual data! As the early founders used to say, “Never analyze what you can’t visualize”.

In response, Echoview began delivering highly accurate and precise data processing via an intuitive interface. These exciting developments were backed by significant investment in the team and its process for quality assurance.

Echoview looked quite different in the early days - here's Echoview 1.5 from the 1990s, well before we had the Dataflow window and "virtual variables" (hard to imagine now!):

Echoview Software is currently made up of 21 talented staff - a dedicated team of acousticians, developers, QC engineers, tech writers and office staff working in Hobart, Tasmania, just a short walk from where the company first started 25 years ago.

We continue to be passionate about providing the world’s best software for water column acoustic data processing and supporting the use of hydroacoustics in a myriad of projects in over 60 countries.

Over the coming months we will be recalling significant chapters of our story. We are looking forward to reflecting on the highlights of our journey so far.

If you have any nostalgic stories from your own journey with Echoview through the years, we'd love to hear from you!

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