Echoview bug fix: corrections to two “echometrics” analysis variables

11 May 2020

It has come to our attention that the equations for the analysis variables Equivalent_area and Aggregation_index were incorrectly implemented in Echoview. These analysis variables were added in Echoview 10 as part of the echometrics suite of new echointegration metrics based on the work by Urmy et al. (2012).

In Echoview 10 and earlier versions of Echoview 11, these analysis variables did not include sample height in the calculation, resulting in a unitless value being generated. Echoview’s algorithms have been corrected in Echoview 11.0.239, which is available by opening the Help menu in Echoview and clicking Check for Updates, or by downloading the latest installation package.

To correct results that have already been exported (or if using Echoview 10), please use the following equations:

Equivalent_area (corrected) = Equivalent_Area (exported) * sample height

Aggregation_index (corrected) = Aggregation_index (exported) / sample height

We apologize for any inconvenience this change may cause. Please contact if you have any questions.

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