Echoview at 78 degrees North

11 March 2017

Echoview was pleased to support educators at The Arctic University of Norway (UiT), who provide a course for PhD students called Underwater Robotics and Polar Night Biology.

Maxime Geoffroy, a postdoctoral researcher at UiT, reported:

"From January 4 to February 8 2017, in the middle of the Arctic polar night, 21 graduate students participated in the Underwater Robotics and Polar Night Biology course offered at The University Centre in Svalbard (UNIS). Field work took place in the Nordic research town of Ny-Ålesund, in Svalbard. There, the students gained basic knowledge and “hands on” skills in the use and interpretation of data from underwater robots and sensors in polar night biology applications. This year, one component of the course aimed at collecting active acoustic data from echosounders mounted on robotic platforms. Thanks to Echoview who graciously supplied educational dongles, the students also had the opportunity to learn how to post-process and analyze this acoustic data using Echoview 7.1."

Learning Echoview in the Marine Laboratory in Ny-Ålesund. Credit: Calum Bachell

Teacher Maxime Geoffory - busy teaching...  Credit: Calum Bachell

...and students busy learning! Credit: Calum Bachell

Launching of an automated Jetyak equipped with Simrad and AZFP echosounders. Credit: Asgeir Sorensen

A happy team after a successful deployment of the Jetyak. Credit: Pedro De La Torre

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