Echoview 9 update for angular calculations in some Simrad EK80 reduced file size CW data

7 November 2018

Echoview 9.0.327 was recently made available in the Echoview Software Updater and as a download on our website, and includes an important update for Simrad EK80 reduced file size data when using some specific transducer models.

Major- and minor-axis angular position values from data files recorded by a 3-segment transducer (beam types 17, 49, 65 or 81) that have been reduced (i.e. stored in Power/Angle or Reduced Power/Angle mode) were incorrect in Echoview 9.0.323 and earlier. This also results in incorrect TS values for single targets detected from these transducer types when data are reduced. Echoview 9.0.327 addresses this problem, and angular values for reduced CW data are correct. 

If you are working with angular position values or single targets detected in reduced EK80 CW data from the affected transducer beam types, it is important that you use this update. 

Beam type can be checked by loading the data in Echoview, viewing an echogram from the split-beam transducer, and examining the value reported in the Ping (from File) section of the Details dialog box.

Sv data, data that have not been reduced, and data from other transducers/beam types will not be affected by this update.

See also our other recent Echoview update that corrects the calculation of effective pulse length for reduced EK80 data.

Further changes to EK80 CW and/or FM mode calculations are possible, and so we continue to recommend that data from this new technology are used with this understanding. See the release notes available via the Echoview Software Updater for more information on other changes, or additional changes made since this news post was published.

Please contact Echoview Support with any questions.

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