Echoview 9 sneak peek: Threshold Offset virtual line algorithm

1 March 2018

Echoview 9 includes a new virtual line operator: Threshold Offset. This operator’s algorithm finds the depth at which sample values in a ping first cross a specified dB threshold, starting from the depth of a specified pre-existing line.

This operator is useful in a variety of applications, such as the detection of:

  • submerged vegetation
  • shadow zones on slopes
  • transducer ringdown
  • surface bubbles
  • layers in the water column
  • turbulence
  • and much more


Threshold Offset operator used to detect submerged vegetation (top left), which is then isolated with a mask (top right) and viewed as a curtain draped over the detected lake floor in a 3D scene (bottom)

Threshold Offset operator used to delineate surface bubbles and ringdown (top), and the resulting output of the Processed Data operator with the surface data excluded (bottom)

Threshold Offset operator used to detect the shadow zone on a sloping seafloor

Multiple Threshold Offset operators can be stacked to identify layers of differing backscattering strength in submerged vegetation

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