Echoview 9 sneak peek: new operators and algorithms

21 December 2017

Echoview 9 will include several new and improved operators for manipulating and enhancing your hydroacoustic data.

We’ve added two operators for use with wideband data from Simrad EK80 instruments:

  • Wideband Frequency Subset, which allows you to suppress the data from outside of a defined frequency band
  • Wideband Frequency Select, which extracts an echogram for a single frequency within a wideband acoustic variable

Wideband frequency response graphs: original 95-160 kHz frequency response for a calibration sphere on the left, data suppressed to 95-130 kHz on the right.

Echoview 9 also includes the new operator, XxYxZ Convolution, for use with multibeam data. This operator can be used to smooth data, which is beneficial for further downstream processing tasks such as background removal and object detection.

The new Calibration Subset operator can be used to extract the pings in single and split beam echograms that use specific calibration values. For example, if the transmitted pulse length was changed during a survey, the data can now be easily separated based on the value for this parameter.

Calibration Subset operator settings

The XxY Statistic operator was added to Echoview several years ago, and can be used to improve edge detection, noise removal, and other signal processing applications for single and split beam data. In Echoview 9 this operator incorporates the following new statistics:

  • Variance
  • Standard deviation
  • Mean absolute deviation
  • Coefficient of variation
  • Kurtosis

XxY Statistic operator settings

Stay tuned for more updates on the exciting new features coming in Echoview 9, which will be available early 2018.

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