Echoview 8 beta now available for download

7 February 2017

Echoview 8 brings together a range of new features and expanded functionality including the introduction of the Echoview Data File Format and the Attenuated Signal Removal operator plus an overhaul of multibeam surface functionality.

This beta release is a great opportunity to test and experiment with the new features prior to the full release of Echoview 8. We recommend that beta versions are not used for crucial data processing, as some functionality and calculations may not yet be fully verified.

We strongly encourage feedback on usability and reporting of any bugs that you may encounter. Please send details through to

New features include:

  • The Echoview Data File Format for storing hydroacoustic data and supporting measurements
  • Single beam echograms can be exported to Fledermaus SD object files as curtains
  • An operator to remove attenuated signal caused by bubbles
  • An overhaul for multibeam surfaces, with new and improved features for creating, managing and using bottom surfaces in multibeam data
  • More settings available in the Variable Properties dialog when multiple variables are selected
  • COM support for minimum TS threshold settings, and access to more settings in noise removal operators
  • Simrad Ex60 and ME70 calibrated power (dB) data available as a raw variable
  • Improvements to Simrad Ex80, ASL AZFP and Sonic KFS/KFC file format support
  • Support for BlueView multi-head transducer data, and Simrad SU90 omnisonar data files
  • The Media module includes support for the display of still images, alongside videos, that can be synchronized to echogram data
  • The Tape measure tool now allows measurements within a ping
  • The Scene Manager dialog has been removed and scenes and 3D objects, including surfaces, are now accessed and managed in the Dataflow window


A full list of what is coming in Echoview 8 can be found on our latest release page, or on the “New in Echoview 8” help file page.

Echoview 8 is available to all license holders with an up-to-date MATS subscription. To find out if your subscription is current, contact


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