Coming soon in Echoview 12: full control over graph axis limits

22 December 2020

Echoview 12 will include new graph properties options, which will allow you to customize minimum and maximum values on X and Y axes. Using fixed limits allows you to re-graph data from different parts of an echogram whilst easily visually comparing the results.

Here’s a preview of the new settings that are available:

You’ll also be able to edit a graph’s title and axis labels.

When the minimum or maximum fields are left blank Echoview will automatically scale the graph, and when a value is entered the axes will be locked to those limits. The animation below shows locked graph limits being used in a single target angles graph. This new option in Echoview 12 ensures that the graph is not re-centered for each set of targets, making it easier to compare their positions in the beam.

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Stay tuned for previews of other new features coming in Echoview 12.

Echoview 12 will be available for beta testing in the new year. Subscribe to our newsletter to be notified of the beta release, as well as other news from the Echoview team, and contact Echoview Sales if you have any questions regarding licensed access to Echoview.

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