Echoview 11.1 now available: a free upgrade for Echoview 11 users

16 October 2020

Echoview 11.1 is a free upgrade for anyone with licensed access to Echoview 11 and provides a short-but-sweet selection of user-requested features. Please contact to find out if your license has access to Echoview 11 and 11.1.

Echoview 11.1 includes:

  • New exports for wideband frequency response analysis of Sv pulse compressed data
  • A new option to filter single targets based on off-axis angle
  • When exporting regions-based analysis, you can choose any combination of region classes
  • Improved calculations for minor- and major-axis 3dB beam angles and angle offsets in the Calibration Assistant
  • Support for Simrad *.bot files that can be recorded alongside *.raw files by version 2 of the EK80 software
  • New ways to open data files in Echoview

…and more. For details, please read our release notes.

To install Echoview 11.1, please start Echoview and use the Help menu option to Check for Updates, or download the installation package.  

As always, be sure to contact with your feature requests for inclusion in future updates!

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