Echoview 11 sneak peek: real-time data visualization and analysis for more file formats

22 January 2020

Echoview 11 will include live viewing compatibility with data recorded by even more echosounder and sonar models.

The latest release of Echolog (which is installed alongside Echoview 11) will read and broadcast data from the following echosounders and sonars, allowing you to view and analyze data from these systems in real time:

  • BioSonics DT series
  • Sound Metrics ARIS and DIDSON
  • Kongsberg Mesotech M3 and Flexview

Support for the above file formats is in addition to Echoview’s existing live viewing compatibility with Simrad systems (read more in our help file here).

Real-time data viewing and analysis is licensed with the Live Viewing module.

Real-time visualization of Sound Metrics DIDSON data in Echoview, using a live viewing template to automatically clean data and detect targets.

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