Echoview 11 sneak peek: changing Variable Properties on multiple echograms at once

28 January 2020

Since Echoview 7, we’ve been increasing the number of Variable Properties settings that can be changed for multiple variables at the same time. In Echoview 11, we’re adding access to even more settings:

  • For multibeam echograms only:
    • Echogram Display page: Flip horizontally, Show multibeam bottom preview, Show direction labels (for multibeam variables)
  • For all multibeam and single beam echograms:
    • Echogram Display page: Flip vertically
    • Data page: Minimum threshold and Maximum threshold settings
    • Regions page: Visible region classes
    • Calibration page: Transducer

To change the settings on multiple echograms at once, select multiple variables in the dataflow window:

Then right-click and select Variable Properties:

Echoview 11 will allow you to change a variety of settings as shown below:

A great time saver!

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