Echoview 10 sneak peek: faster calculations for Simrad EK80 data

15 February 2019

We have introduced multithreading when loading and calculating Simrad EK80 sample data, which means that Echoview 10 is much faster for viewing echograms and performing analyses on pulse compressed variables derived from all supported products in the EK80 family of echosounders, including ES80, WBAT, EKAuto and Kongsberg EA640 data files. The change also includes the added benefit of being able to interact with Echoview while this data is being loaded and calculated.

Our tests show that Echoview 10 is more than 50% faster than Echoview 9 for viewing the full extent of pulse compressed echograms, and other downstream calculations (such as detecting targets, tracking fish, calculating wideband frequency response graphs and exporting results) also show performance improvements.

Comparison of Echoview 9 and Echoview 10 performance when using Simrad EK80 wideband data.

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