Echolog tip – Having trouble accessing shared directories when live viewing?

2 November 2016

Echolog is a utility program available from Echoview Software that broadcasts echosounder data allowing it be viewed in real time in Echoview. This feature is enabled via the live viewing module.

The live viewing feature can provide an additional monitoring station on a ship. To set this up, you need to configure the sharing of directories or folders on the network with the device (laptop or similar) that runs Echoview live viewing.

If you are sharing folders during live viewing or are having problems accessing shared folders, it is important to remember the following:

  1. (On the device hosting the Survey folder) Browse to the Survey folder using Windows Explorer.
  2. Share the folder (the process differs depending on the operating system - more information is available in the Echoview help file).
  3. Restart Echolog after sharing a folder to ensure the broadcast of the 'shared' folder is sent to Echoview.
  4. Test the share by browsing to \\yourcomputername\sharefoldername in Windows Explorer using the remote device that runs Echolog.
  5. If it works, update Echolog's survey folder to the same folder location as Step 3.
  6. Live viewing on the remote computer should now work.

You can find more information on setting up shared directories and about Echolog in the Echoview help file.

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