Echoexplore: the easy way to browse your hydroacoustic data files

8 November 2017

Coming soon: Echoexplore, the latest addition to Echoview Software’s suite of tools for researchers collecting echosounder and sonar data files.

Echoexplore will find compatible files on your computer, extract basic information, and allow you to browse the data that has been located.

Echoexplore version 1 will include:

  • Support for the following data files:
    • BioSonics dt4 files
    • Simrad Ex60, Ex70, EK15, EK80 and ME70 raw files
    • Sound Metrics ARIS and DIDSON files
    • Echoview Software evd files
  • Browse data files in a list or on a map
  • Search for subsets of data files based on:
    • Geographical position
    • Date and time
    • File format
    • Keywords in the file name or file path
  • Configurable WMS map support for georeferenced browsing
  • Click-and-drag support for adding selected data files to an EV File in Echoview
  • Shortcut to open a data file location in Windows Explorer
  • Help file with instructions for use

Version 1 is free and can locate up to 2000 data files on your local computer.

Future editions of Echoexplore will include additional features in free and licensed versions, such as unlimited file numbers, support for more formats, and even more tools for exploring data. We’ll be encouraging the submission of ideas for new features in this useful tool.

Echoexplore will be available with the release of Echoview 9 in early 2018. If you are interested in testing a pre-release version of Echoexplore, please submit your interest via

Echoexplore: list view. Provides detailed information about the data files found on your computer.

Echoexplore: map view. Zoom in on individual surveys, or zoom out to see your worldwide surveys.

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