Crossing oceans with Echoview

17 May 2018

Echoview staff have had a busy start to the year, attending a variety of industry events and running training courses across the globe.

Briony and Suenor enjoyed visiting Portland, Oregon in February to attend the 2018 Ocean Sciences Meeting. The six days were well spent chatting to familiar faces amongst attendees and other exhibitors, browsing attendee posters and taking in the program of informative keynotes and presentations.


In March, Briony, Toby, Geoff and Haley touched down in Seattle, Washington for the ICES WGFAST meeting. It was a busy week with lots of great presentations and discussions, culminating in a fun dinner at the Living Computer Museum.


Brett attended Oceanology International in London, a prestigious forum where industry, academia and government come together to connect with the ocean technologies and marine science communities.

This week, Toby is running a 5-day Echoview training course in Copenhagen, Denmark.


Regular Echoview training courses are held worldwide. To see our current schedule, head to our training and events page. You can also read more information, including pricing and a typical course agenda, by downloading our Echoview training brochure. If you are eager to attend a course but unable to make any on the current schedule, send us an email to suggest a date or location that suits you.

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