Automating Echoview and sharing script examples

24 May 2018

If you have a lot of data or perform many repetitive steps in Echoview, the Automation module can help to script repetitive tasks by providing tools to process data faster. It even reduces the potential for user error!

Scripting saves you processing and analysis time; time that you can then spend on more important tasks such as complex analysis and result synthesis.

Scripts can be written in any scripting language or any computer language that can create and use COM objects, including Python, R and MATLAB.

To learn more about scripting:

We also share a collection of example scripts on our website, written in a variety of languages. We’ve recently added a section on this page for links to Echoview scripts that have been shared elsewhere on the web. If you have any code that you would like to share to help others in the community, please send details through to Example scripts are a very useful resource for others!

To access scripting capabilities in Echoview, you need to be licensed for the Automation module, which enables the interactive automation of Echoview. Please contact if you’d like information about adding this module to your license.

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