Hydroacoustic scientist position available at SLU in Sweden

A position at the Department of Aquatic Resources (SLU Aqua) in Sweden is available for a scientist with extensive experience in acoustic data collection and analysis. A PhD in acoustics or documented experience from research in the field is required.  

Echoview 11 sneak peek: new distance mode options for single beam school detection

Echoview 11 will include new options for the settings that define school detection on single, split and dual beam data.

Echoview’s school detection algorithm first identifies data that can be designated as school candidates, which are samples that meet the minimum requirements for length and height. Candidates can then be linked to form a larger school.

GPS fixes or vessel logs were required for school detection in Echoview 10 and older, and school candidates could only be defined using along-track distances in meters. In Echoview 11, schools can also be detected using ping number or time to define the minimum school and candidate lengths and linking distances.

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