10 reasons to upgrade

Want the latest version of Echoview? If you aren’t using the latest version of Echoview, you are probably missing out on years of added knowledge, features and performance. Here’s 10 great reasons why you should upgrade to Echoview 10 today.

Watch now: the introduction to Echoview 10 webinar

The recording of last week's Echoview 10 demonstration webinar is now available to watch online. The webinar guides you through some of the great new features available in Echoview 10. It's designed for users who are already familiar with Echoview and would like to see a demonstration of the new features in the latest release.

Echoview 10’s Code operator: using Python® scripts to subsample data (and other Code operator examples)

The recent article “Don’t work too hard: Subsampling leads to efficient analysis of large acoustic datasets” (Levine and De Robertis, 2019) demonstrates the potential value of subsampling to improve data processing efficiency. The authors of this article used MATLAB® to write new data files that contained only subsampled pings, but the new Code operator now makes this technique fast and easy to implement entirely within Echoview.

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