Curious about the Code operator? Watch an introductory video

Echoview 10 includes a new virtual variable called the Code operator, which has a built-in Python interpreter, and can be used for custom algorithm development. This video guides you through the use and potential of this exciting new feature.

Postdoctoral opportunity at University of Queensland using Saildrone technology to investigate marine protected areas

State-of-the-art Saildrone technology will be used in this project to measure the physical and biological environment inside and outside the marine protected area (MPA). A Saildrone is an unmanned surface vehicle that uses wind and solar power to perform autonomous data collection, and can be equipped with a sensor payload that can provide high-resolution spatial and temporal data on water temperature, chlorophyll-a, coloured dissolved organic matter, dissolved oxygen, currents (using an acoustic doppler current profiler), and biomass of large zooplankton and fish (using echosounders).

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