Echoview Step Up for Clean Up Australia Day 2021

Did you know that each person in Australia produces roughly 540kg of household waste each year? That’s more than 10kg of waste, per person, every single week! Further, according to a 2017 Clean Up Australia report, only 55% of all waste generated was recycled, and about 130,000 tonnes of Australian plastic ends up in our oceans and waterways each year.

Echoview bug fix: correction to transducer gain calculations in Simrad EK80 wideband data

It has come to our attention that incorrect values of transducer gain could be used in the calculation of wideband TS and Sv variables for Simrad EK80 data.

Simrad data files contain a lookup table of pulse durations, with corresponding tables for gain and Sa correction. When a ping is read from file it lists the pulse duration that was used when the ping was recorded. The corresponding value of gain and Sa correction is read from the lookup table and used accordingly.

EK80 data files can include both PulseDuration and PulseDurationFM attributes. Echoview was incorrectly using the PulseDurationFM lookup table for wideband data when PulseDuration should have been used. Depending on a user’s setup, this could mean that an incorrect value of gain is applied when calculating wideband TS and Sv variables. The attributes can be viewed by opening an EK80 data file with a text editor.

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