• Alison Wilcox

    Quality Assurance Lead and Software Developer

    Hobbies: Reading, video games, movies and board games with friends/family

    Random fact: Played with lion cubs a couple of times

  • Bernd Wechner

    Partner Manager

    Hobbies: Taxi driver for 3 children, bicycles, tabletop games, home tech

    Random fact: Hitch-hiked around Australia for a year on $5000 in 2001

  • Brett Merritt


    Hobbies: Bushwalking, camping, gardening

    Random fact: Once mustered cattle on Prenti Downs Station

  • Briony Hutton

    Product Manager

    Hobbies: Exploring the outdoors, cooking and enjoying a glass of wine

    Random fact: Got pet geese because mowing the lawn took too long

  • Charles Weld

    Senior Software Engineer

    Hobbies: Bush walking, Travel, Strategy Games (Computer & Board)

    Random fact: Once walked 800km across Spain.

  • Chris Bellears

    Documentation Writer

    Hobbies: Music, soccer, surfing, writing

    Random fact: Once supported Paul Kelly

  • David Atkinson

    ICT Officer

    Hobbies: Steam Trains, Old Machinery, Bush Walking

    Random fact: Bungee Jumping into Waikato River New Zealand, Daughters birthday day before my own

  • Dominic Prazak

    Software Developer

    Hobbies: Literally just video games

    Random fact: Favorite fruit is mango

  • Francisco J. Neira

    Fisheries Scientist

    Hobbies: Fishing, camping, 4x4 driving, kayaking, music and BBQs

    Random fact: Loved to play soccer at school, but was so bad he was never selected. Found out he was better suited for musical and other arty stuff.

  • Geoff Matt

    Development Manager

    Hobbies: Photography, learning Japanese, all things bicycle

    Random fact: Allegedly involved in crashing a spaceship into Mars

  • Helynn Meyer

    Marketing Manager

    Hobbies: Drawing, enjoying a good beer, dancing to 90s music and collecting tattoos and skulls

    Random fact: Once rode an ostrich without falling off

  • Leonie Ramsay

    Sales Officer

    Hobbies: Anything water sports related, bushwalking and travelling

    Random fact: Jumped 15,000ft out of a small plane

  • Mathew Woods

    Senior Software Quality Assurance Engineer

    Hobbies: Finding time to play Nintendo console games while chasing after a 2yr old

    Random fact: Proposed to his wife by asking her to play a heavily modified custom ROM of Super Mario Bros 3 which had Mario pop the question at the end to Princess Peach

  • Nazia Gulraiz

    Software Developer

    Hobbies: Watching documentaries / history related movies

    Random fact: Scared of mice

  • Pushkar Piggott

    Senior Developer

    Hobbies: Moving house, domestic renovation, goat husbandry

    Random fact: Stands up to work

  • Sarah Woods

    Office Manager

    Hobbies: Collecting, playing Nintendo and making her two-year old do the “yay dance”

    Random fact: Saw Fight Club at the cinema seven times

  • Suenor Woon

    Documentation Lead

    Hobbies: Reading, cooking, keeping up with her teenage son

    Random fact: Was a glaciologist for three years and spent a summer in Antarctica in 1995/6

  • Toby Jarvis


    Hobbies: Surfing, drumming, music recording and production, hanging with the dog, mountain biking, glamping and making stuff

    Random fact: Once went for 10 days without talking