Echoview 10 sneak peek: new echointegration metrics

1 February 2019

Echoview 10 will include five new analysis export variables that can be used to characterize vertical distributions of acoustic backscatter through time.

The new analysis variables are:

  • Center of mass
  • Inertia
  • Proportion occupied
  • Equivalent area
  • Aggregation index

 The calculations for these echointegration metrics (or “echometrics”) are as described in Urmy S.S., Horne J.K., and Barbee D.H. (2012) Measuring the vertical distributional variability of pelagic fauna in Monterey Bay. ICES Journal of Marine Science, 69(2), 184–196.

 The analysis variables can be included in the Analysis by Regions, Analysis by Cells, and Analysis by Regions by Cells exports.

AZFP echogram (data kindly shared by ASL Environmental) showing a euphausiid layer migrating to the surface plus several high-backscatter aggregations, with graphs for echointegration metrics below. Metrics were calculated for the full water column in 10-minute intervals.

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