Echoexplore license version now available!

7 February 2019

We have some exciting news: a new version of Echoexplore is now available! Echoexplore 2 includes support for new data file formats including:

  • ASL Environmental AZFP binary files
  • BioSonics *.DT4 files
  • Echolog 500 *.ek5 files
  • Echoview Software *.EVD files
  • HTI *.int, *.bot, *.smp and *.raw files
  • Reson Seabat *.s7k files
  • Simrad ER60 *.dg files
  • Simrad Ex60, Ex70, EK15, EY60, ME70, EK80, ES80, WBAT, EKAuto or Kongsberg EA640 *.raw files
  • Simrad EY500 and EP500 *.dgn files
  • Sound Metrics ARIS *.ARIS and DIDSON *.DDF files

AND is much faster and easier to use.
In addition, you can access even more capabilities with the purchase of an Echoexplore license which allows you to catalog and view an unlimited number of data files, and to browse files located on network drives. Without a license, Echoexplore will list a maximum of 2000 data files, and display data files that are found on your local computer.

For more information visit the Echoexplore page.

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