Advance notice: Echoview 10 will be 64-bit only

27 November 2018

Echoview 9 will be the final major release to include a 32-bit edition. Echoview 10, which will be available in early 2019, will only be available as a 64-bit edition. Using the 64-bit edition of Echoview provides many benefits over the 32-bit edition, including better performance and greater stability. Ceasing support for the 32-bit edition of Echoview will allow us to spend more of our time adding valuable new features to future releases...

This change will affect users who are using 32-bit editions of Microsoft Windows. We recommend upgrading your computer (if your hardware isn’t 64-bit capable) and/or operating system to a 64-bit edition of Windows, and we hope that this announcement allows for ample time to make plans if a computer upgrade is needed.

To see if your computer is running a 32-bit or 64-bit version of Windows, please try the following.

For Windows 8 or 10:

  1. Click the Start button, then click or type Settings 
  2. In the window that opens, click the System icon
  3. In the panel on the left, click About and find the entry for System Type

For Windows 7:

  1. Open System by clicking the Start button, right-clicking Computer, and then clicking Properties
  2. Find the entry for System Type

You can also see which edition of Echoview you have installed by finding the entry in the Start menu:

Echoview 9 64-bit edition

The change will also affect those using the export to EchoIMPACT feature, which is currently only possible in the 32-bit edition of Echoview, and will no longer be available.

Please contact Echoview Support with any questions.

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